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The Horse Breeders Association, Félag hrossabænda, is the official breeding association in Iceland and a member of the Farmers Association, Bændasamtök Íslands.
Here on our web you can find information on the Icelandic Horse, our association and breeding in Iceland.

Educational web on the mouth of the horse

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An educational web on the horse's mouth was formally opened last week. The goal of the web is to make accessible information and educational material on the mouth and teeth of the horse, bits and bridles and the usage thereof.
There is also some information on behaviour and training that can contribute to the
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Annual Horse Corrals

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The annual horse corrals are a festival in Iceland where the horses are herded from the mountains, having spent the summer wild with the herd. The biggest and most popular corrals are Laufskálarétt in Skagafjörður að Víðidalstungurétt in Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla, but there are many more you can visit if you are in
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Thanks for Landsmót!

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The board of the Horse Breeders Association of Iceland wishes to express thanks to everyone who made the Landsmót National Horse Show a success, even though conditions were often very hard. The weather was bad for much of the time and riders, horse owners and staff went to great lenghts to make everything work. We
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The Landsmót National Horse Show in Hella

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The bi-annual Landsmót National Horse Show will be held at Gaddstaðaflatir in Hella, South Iceland June 30th - July 6th. The show-grounds are about one hours drive from the capitol city of Reykjavík, and two hours from the international airport in Keflavik.

Landsmót is the biggest event in the world
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Breeding shows in Iceland in 2014

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The schedule for breeding shows in Iceland in 2014 has now been published. As before the first show will take place in Sauðárkrókur in North Iceland in April and the last one will be held at Gaddstaðaflatir in Hella, South Iceland. Besides the traditional spring and late summer shows, two mid-summer shows will be
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